Image of 6 stacked DCC-9-Boxes.
Image of 6 stacked DCC-9-Boxes. Interior image of the DCC-9-BOX.


Model: DCC-9-BOX6

Product Highlights
Splitter Box 120/240-208V, Max 125A, compatible with all DCC-9-PCB


DCC-9-BOX6 is a stack of 6 splitter boxes specifically designed to make a building's electrical infrastructures fully ready for electric vehicles at the lowest possible price.


  • Simplifies large-scale installations
  • Allows to save space and organize cable installation
  • Allows for a more ergonomic installation for the installer and minimizes the footprint

The DCC-9-BOX6 can be powered by a 240/208V AC single phase source, max 125A.


  • Splitter Box (Max 125A)


  • DCC-9-PCB-30A
  • DCC-9-PCB-40A
  • DCC-9-PCB-50A
  • DCC-9-PCB-60A

The following options are offered by each DCC model:

dcc-9 specs

Gen-3 of the DCC-9 has the ability to receive and transmit load shedding instructions from an external energy management system via a dry contact input and output.

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