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We Design and Install Solar Panels

With the ever-changing needs for electricity on demand, solar energy can offset your costs and deliver consistent electrical power using solar panels and battery storage. At State Electric, our design team works with customers and provides solutions that will offset high electrical costs while meeting constant power demands. Whether it is rooftop, ground mount panels, or tied into battery storage and phased with a backup generator; we can provide options for your energy needs.

Turn Sunlight into Useable Energy

Roof Solar Panel
Roof Solar Panels

Earth gets bathed in an enormous amount of energy from the sun every day. Photovoltaic (PV) solar panels absorb this energy and converts the sunlight into electrical energy. Each panel contains solar cells, which are made from two layers of silicon. The silicon solar cells comprise natural ingredients; once they are mixed with photons (light), they excite the electrons of the cell loose and travel along the wires to an external device and create an electrical current. This current can either be used right away to generate electricity or stored in batteries for later use.

Solar energy is renewable, and it does not cause air pollution or damage the Earth’s surface, unlike fossil fuels. However, on days when the sun does not shine, stored energy via battery backups may be required to tide you over on cloudy days. Most solar panel purchases include a compact home battery system just for this reason. You can purchase additional battery units to store excess solar energy and use this power source day or night and during power outages.

Lower your carbon footprint and rely less on the grid by using solar energy. Contact State Electric Company today for a quote.

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I am so impressed by how courteous and professional this entire process has been. We had a lot of electrical work to be done and everyone was hardworking, respectful and efficient. I highly recommend them. - Less (residential)
Yesterday’s install went great. I am beyond impressed with the electrician’s professionalism. He explained everything he was doing in detail, provided a report and pictures for the inspector, AND cleaned up afterwards. I’ve had a lot of work done on my home over the last year and this was by far the smoothest item on the list. - Blake C. (residential)
Your guys were great, and I appreciate it! Importantly, the building inspector commented that the work he has seen that State has been doing has been top notch --- really appreciates the photos of the work performed. DTE meter installer, too, commented on how simple his job was as the guys did it all. Good luck and thanks! - Rick S. (Residential customer: EV charger installation)
First off my city inspector couldn’t stop raving about the quality of work performed installing my two EV chargers, in fact he asked for their card. My personal experience could not have been better, great guys with an attention to detail that I appreciate. Pre install they answered all my questions promptly and completely. When finished they went over my new chargers with me and answered all my questions completely. Would definitely use them again for any electrical needs. - Andrew Ronnisch
They sent Derek and Aedan out two journeymen. They were extremely efficient and knew exactly what they were doing. They managed to solve what appeared to be a complex problem and make it a simple solution and a short I’m out of time. They were in my home for less than 30 minutes. I had a master electrician out prior I wanted to rip my ceiling out in order to try to solve the problem. The quote was in the thousands. These two gentlemen knew what they were doing And did not gouge me. I have respect for true professionals. I highly recommend State Electric - Maria Polowniak
We had State Electric out after another electric company had failed to diagnose a problem and tried to up-sell us into an unneeded workaround. Derek showed up and found the issue quickly and resolved it no problem no unnecessary cost involved. Highly recommend! - Naftali Newman