Incentives for Solar Panels and EV Chargers

People are starting to realize the importance of using sustainable resources like sunlight, heat, and wind. Even though technology continues to evolve in making products such as solar panels and electric vehicles more affordable for everyday users, some may still face sticker shock. Investing in green energy comes at a price that is well worth the rewards – a healthy and beautiful Earth for centuries to come. Luckily, companies and governments offer plenty of loans, grants, rebates, and tax credits to help keep costs manageable.

Read on to learn more or contact State Electric Company to see how you can save money with your renewable energy purchase. Incentives are ever-changing, so the availability of a specific plan may be limited. State Electric Company has staff ready to assist you in finding the best money-saving options for your particular situation.

EV Charging Station

EV Charger Rebates

Many incentives are currently running for electric vehicle purchases and EV charging stations for residential and commercial users. Check with your car manufacture for the specific rebate and incentive information.

The US federal government has a tax credit available for the purchase of a residential EV charger and installation, up to 30% or $1,000 total. You must purchase and install the Enel X JuiceBox by December 31, 2021, as well as claim the credit on your federal tax return.

Navigating these gateways can be confusing and State Electric Company is here to help! We’re happy to consult with you to determine your electric needs and propose viable and affordable solutions. State Electric Company is committed to sustaining the electrification of the nation through renewable energy sources.

Michigan is partnering with DTE and Consumers Energy to offer these incentives and rebates:
Residential Homeowner Looking for EV Charger Rebates?

Visit DTE’s Charging Forward Residential and Commercial programs.

Business or Commercial Customer Looking for Rebates?

Visit DTE Energy for EV supply infrastructure and charging stations incentives.

DTE Rebates
Looking for More Rebates?

Solar Panel Rebates

The main residential solar panel incentive running in 2021 is the Investment Tax Credit (ITC). The solar tax credit is currently worth 26% of the cost of your solar installation, including equipment and labor costs. Based on the current average price for solar panels, a typical homeowner can expect a tax credit between $4,000 and $6,000. The actual amount you receive will vary due to various factors such as the size of your system, etc. To qualify for this tax credit, you must be the solar panel owner and pay federal income taxes.

You may also enroll in Michigan’s credit program through Consumers Energy here called Michigan Renewable Energy Credit.

Consumers Energy
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First off my city inspector couldn’t stop raving about the quality of work performed installing my two EV chargers, in fact he asked for their card. My personal experience could not have been better, great guys with an attention to detail that I appreciate. Pre install they answered all my questions promptly and completely. When finished they went over my new chargers with me and answered all my questions completely. Would definitely use them again for any electrical needs. - Andrew Ronnisch
They sent Derek and Aedan out two journeymen. They were extremely efficient and knew exactly what they were doing. They managed to solve what appeared to be a complex problem and make it a simple solution and a short I’m out of time. They were in my home for less than 30 minutes. I had a master electrician out prior I wanted to rip my ceiling out in order to try to solve the problem. The quote was in the thousands. These two gentlemen knew what they were doing And did not gouge me. I have respect for true professionals. I highly recommend State Electric - Maria Polowniak
We had State Electric out after another electric company had failed to diagnose a problem and tried to up-sell us into an unneeded workaround. Derek showed up and found the issue quickly and resolved it no problem no unnecessary cost involved. Highly recommend! - Naftali Newman