Image of the outside of the DCC-12.
Image of the outside of the DCC-12.Image of the inside of the DCC-12 shell.Image of current transformers.


Model: DCC-12

Product Highlights
Charge Controller for electric vehicle, 240/208V, Max 200A, Nema 3R


DCC-12 is an EV Energy Management System specifically designed to allow the connection of an charging unit to a panel that is at full capacity and would otherwise need an upgrade.

Requires one double pole breaker slot available in the panel, contrary to the DCC-9.

The DCC is proudly manufactured in Montreal by Thermolec and sold across the US and CANADA.


  • Real-time reading of the total power consumption of the electrical panel
  • Detects when the total power consumption exceeds 80% of a main circuit breaker capacity and temporarily de-energizes the charger
  • Automatically re-energizes the charger when the total power consumption of the main circuit breaker capacity is less than 80% for more than 15 minutes


  • No breaker included, maximum supply to Electric Vehicle Supply Equipement (EVSE) is 60A
  • Does not affect the load calculation of a panel
  • Can be mounted on the wall or ceiling
  • Avoids the need of a panel upgrade
  • Silent


  • Charge Controller
  • Power Relay (max 60A)
  • Split Core Current Transformers (CT)

Gen-3 of the DCC-12 has the ability to receive and transmit load shedding instructions from an external energy management system via a dry contact input and output.

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