Image of the outside of the DCC-11.
Image of the outside of the DCC-11.Image of the inside of the DCC-11 within shell.Diagram of the DCC-11 with sub panel.

DCC-11 50 amp

Model: DCC-11-50A

Product Highlights

DCC allows the connection of any EV charger to a fully loaded panel by managing the energy available at any given time, whether in a home or in a condo.

  1. DCC does a real-time reading of the total power consumption of a home or condo electrical panel;
  2. It detects when the total power consumption of the main circuit breaker exceeds 80% and temporarily de-energizes the charger.
  3. When DCC detects that the total power consumption of the electrical panel is less than 80% for more than 15 minutes it automatically re-energizes the charger.


DCC-11 is an energy management system designed to allow the connection of an EV charger to the main feeder of a panel without affecting the load calculation.

If your main power supply is 125A or under (100A), use the DCC-9.


  • Real-time reading of the total panel power consumption with pre-wired current transformers (CT).
  • Detects when total power consumption exceeds 80% of main circuit breaker capacity and temporarily de-energizes the EV charger.
  • Automatically re-energizes the EV charger when the total power consumption is less than 80% of main circuit breaker capacity for more than 15 minutes.


  • Ideal when no more breaker slots are available in a panel
  • Does not affect load calculation of a panel
  • Automatic billing of electricity by the utility for multi-unit residential building installations.
  • Can be ceiling or wall mounted.


  • Electric Vehicle Energy Management System
  • Splitter Box (Max 200A)
  • EV Charger Breaker (Max 60A)
  • 2 Pre-Wired Current Transformers (CT)

Gen-3 of the DCC-11 has the ability to receive and transmit load shedding instructions from an external energy management system via a dry contact input and output.

To learn more about implementing EV charging in multi-unit residential buildings, visit: