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EV Chargers

We Sell and Install EV Chargers

State Electric Company is an industry leader in the electrification of the nation and electric vehicle (EV) infrastructure buildout of commercial and residential sectors. As an authorized reseller of Enel X WAY EV charging stations and a certified installer for all available EV chargers on the market today, we’re able to offer the best prices around. We provide public and domestic EV charging; charge anywhere - anytime, and up to 350 kW capacity, with the ability for multiple simultaneous charging.

Why State Electric Company? Our team consists of project managers, engineers, safety managers, quality assurance managers, electricians, and site supervisors to deploy smart EV charging solutions to reach sustainability goals for residents, businesses, and municipalities. We produce a smooth transition to EV use through design, as-builts, permits, and material procurement, giving you an organized, efficient, and safe delivery of your electrical needs. Whether you require DC Superchargers, commercial or residential 80s, 48s, or 40s, wall mounts or pedestals, we have the experienced and professional team to deliver the quality and service you demand.

Electric Vehicle Charging

Electrification is evolving, and figuring out what you need for your home or business can be complicated and overwhelming. Our certified team takes the stress out with honest and educated reviews and consultation to help you determine the most effective EV charger infrastructure for your needs.

There are three charging levels for EVs and plug-in hybrids. The higher the level, the faster and more powerful the charging power becomes. Bear in mind different EVs charge at various speeds on each level because each vehicle can accept a different level of power from the charging station. The EV determines how much power it can receive, so you don’t need to worry about a charger delivering too much power to your vehicle.

  • Level 1 chargers use a standard 120-volt household outlet. These are the slowest and weakest chargers; thus, most don’t bother with them.
  • Level 2 chargers charge up to ten times faster, and they are the most common for daily charging in households today. They are also standards for public and private charging stations at workplaces, shopping plazas, and so much more.
  • Level 3 chargers offer the fastest type of charging available and use direct current (DC), unlike the other levels, which use alternating current (AC). Most homes and small businesses don’t have the high-voltage supply required for Level 3 charging.
Enel X Way Product Lineup
Enel X Way Product Lineup

Safe, Reliable, and Easy to Use Chargers

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Level 2 EV Charging

EV Chargers Are Easy to Use
Level 2 EV Chargers Are Easy to Use

Level 2 chargers require a dedicated 240-volt circuit (like what you use for a dryer); therefore, most homes in America can easily hook up a charging station without having to upgrade the service. Most residential owners are well served to charge their EV overnight using a 40-amp unit, but for those looking for more amperage (more power and a faster charge) or commercial use, a Level 2 charger with 48-amps is your go-to. Higher amperage requires a heavier gauge wire to handle the flow, so additional costs are associated with upgrading the dedicated circuit from the breaker box.

If you rent or own a condo or townhouse, you will need written permission from the association, landlord, and owner to make any electrical upgrades. We are happy to consult with management at multi-unit home dwellings, business owners, etc., to further facilitate the procurement of EV infrastructure for residents and clientele. We will help owners determine which product best suits their settings and verify if any service upgrades are required. We will also keep you informed of any federal, state, and local utility incentives that may be available.

Plug In EV Charging
  • Is a portable charger that allows you to insert the plug from your EVSE into any 240V outlet.
  • Run wiring from your home's electrical panel to the new outlet (garage/outside/etc.).
  • Can use the 240-v outlet for other purposes (power equipment, etc.).
  • Is generally less expensive and more convenient to install.
  • The National Electrical Code requires a ‘While-in-Use’ weatherproof cover for outdoor usage.
  • Doesn’t charge as fast as hardwire stations.
  • Nuisance tripping of the circuit may occur (the GFCI wall outlet and the internal GFCI of the charger may conflict.)
juiceBox cable options
Hardwire EV Charging
  • Run wiring from your home's electrical panel to the charger.
  • High-power, continuous devices mounted to the wall.
  • More amperage/faster charging.
  • Watertight connection: great for outdoor use.
  • Are not portable; an electrician needs to install and move in future.
  • With larger cables, it is more labor-intensive to install, and the chargers are usually more costly.

Level 3 EV Charging

The move to zero-tailpipe emissions is rapidly growing along with the number of EVs on the road; therefore, installing DC fast charging (DCFC) stations is vital. Long-distance travel is becoming more feasible with the increased presence of public charging stations, the advancements in faster charging, and the progression to efficiently store more power within batteries. Don’t get left in the dust! State Electric Company makes it simple to purchase and plan for establishing and maintaining EV charging infrastructure for businesses, multi-unit housing, municipalities, fleets, and more. Futureproof your business and be ready for an electrified future by obtaining a competitive advantage by deploying a DCFC.

The Enel X JuicePump™️ smart product line delivers DCFC in flexible configurations that meet today’s EV standards while providing scalable solutions to meet the evolving EVs of the future. All models operate safely in any weather condition, and each pump has two charging ports that provide universal compatibility with all electric vehicles. Level 3 chargers are used by private charging networks, and the pricing varies from network to network. Some bill the customer by how long the vehicle is connected to the charger, while others bill by how much energy was dispensed. EV drivers manage their charge through a smartphone app or an online portal.

The key to EV infrastructure planning is knowing the property's capacity. While locations where multiple drivers share a charging station or reside in multi-unit housing, are a bit more complex, State Electric Company will find efficient solutions for every property type. We make it simple to future-proof your electrification platform; our team is standing by to assist.

Level 3 EV Charger
Level 3 EV Charger
Turnkey Commercial EV Charging Solutions For:
  • Automakers & Dealerships: attract new drivers and be ready for EV test drives
  • Commercial Fleets: reduce costs, cut emissions, and lower your carbon footprint
  • Municipalities: attract new residents and visitors to your district
  • Hospitality: include EV charging as an added amenity
  • Public/Private Parking: increase occupancy while meeting new demands to support ESVE equipment
  • Retail: drive more traffic to your business, increasing dwell time for added revenue
Benefits of Commercial EV Charging:
  • Increase property value.
  • Reduce energy costs.
  • Gain a competitive edge in the market.
  • Attract and retain EV drivers/residents.
  • Meet sustainability goals.

Easy Solutions to Implement EV Charging Infrastructure

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I am so impressed by how courteous and professional this entire process has been. We had a lot of electrical work to be done and everyone was hardworking, respectful and efficient. I highly recommend them. - Less (residential)
Yesterday’s install went great. I am beyond impressed with the electrician’s professionalism. He explained everything he was doing in detail, provided a report and pictures for the inspector, AND cleaned up afterwards. I’ve had a lot of work done on my home over the last year and this was by far the smoothest item on the list. - Blake C. (residential)
Your guys were great, and I appreciate it! Importantly, the building inspector commented that the work he has seen that State has been doing has been top notch --- really appreciates the photos of the work performed. DTE meter installer, too, commented on how simple his job was as the guys did it all. Good luck and thanks! - Rick S. (Residential customer: EV charger installation)
First off my city inspector couldn’t stop raving about the quality of work performed installing my two EV chargers, in fact he asked for their card. My personal experience could not have been better, great guys with an attention to detail that I appreciate. Pre install they answered all my questions promptly and completely. When finished they went over my new chargers with me and answered all my questions completely. Would definitely use them again for any electrical needs. - Andrew Ronnisch
They sent Derek and Aedan out two journeymen. They were extremely efficient and knew exactly what they were doing. They managed to solve what appeared to be a complex problem and make it a simple solution and a short I’m out of time. They were in my home for less than 30 minutes. I had a master electrician out prior I wanted to rip my ceiling out in order to try to solve the problem. The quote was in the thousands. These two gentlemen knew what they were doing And did not gouge me. I have respect for true professionals. I highly recommend State Electric - Maria Polowniak
We had State Electric out after another electric company had failed to diagnose a problem and tried to up-sell us into an unneeded workaround. Derek showed up and found the issue quickly and resolved it no problem no unnecessary cost involved. Highly recommend! - Naftali Newman
If you need a ev charger, call no one else. Very knowledgeable and professional - Kevin Germain
These guys did a great job. Easy quote process and scheduling of work. They showed up the day of the job, and did an excellent job. Very happy with the experience and will definitely use them again. - Todd Pronger
Very nice folks. The estimate they gave me was half the price that others quoted. Thanks to Kirt Lobbestrel for doing the work... great job. Thanks to Anna Drake for helping me out when I had questions. - Jackie Osbourn
I am so impressed by how courteous and professional this entire process has been. We had a lot of electrical work to be done and everyone was hardworking, respectful and efficient. I highly recommend them. - Amy Childers
Duane and his staff have been a valuable part of my success over the last several years as a project partner on most of my developments. They have been a worry free turn key solution to all of my electrical and low voltage needs. - Ernie Parison
Not every subcontractor you hire performs well enough to call a partner...State Electric is the one that I consider my partner. I can count on their performance, always, so I can worry about everyone else's. We've been working with Duane, Kurt, Eddie, and the office for 2.5 years now and hopefully more. - Eric Bastian
They have amazing service and creative staff from the owner down. Very pleasant to deal with. - Hal Franke
I would highly recommend State Electric for any electrical work needing to be completed. I hold Duane and his team in very high respect and will happily work with them whenever my company has a project in their area. - Nicholas Paxson